Problems with MercadoPago and automatic return

Mercado Pago Notificação Automática

In the last few weeks, we receive some information from clients who face problems with sites such as automatic return, not a module for MercadoPago payments, which is normally the case when buying “alternative”, “pirate”, or “buy” sites. não usa mais “, the system is only periodically updated, or MercadoPago altering its functions or scritps must be altered.

Or problem due to alteration of the file method must be placed in POST.

This problem was caused due to security updates directly from the MercadoPago site as it can be conferred through the link:

Clients who use “alternative” sites are facing problems, and people who “sell” these sites allege that they are problems in hosting.

To correct this problem, find it here, put this file notifications.php inside the IPN paste, faça or cadastro with this URL to save, return to URL do MercadoPago.php file (ou o nome que você deixou) and it will be oil.

Download File: Notifications.php







Just send this file above to your host save the URL of notification of Mercado Pago e salve!

If you have a certain link, you will be saved!

Now, turn again to the URL of the notification payment market (IPN) and place or link to your original file and save.

Soon! Your automatic payments will return to normal operation.

This solution is shared by a L2JCenter client and can be used as a palliative method and a final correction must be requested together with in case it is the original site.

Watch out! Pirated, nullified, ripped sites or obtained by lesser means can cause serious performance problems and security to your structure.