Protection in your infrastructure against DDoS attacks

What is DDoS?

With the growing demand for internet services, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are more and more frequent. As its name says, DDoS aims to deny the service of its target in order to seek financial or commercial advantage. The criminal’s goal is to bring down the service (website or server) long enough to bring injury or frustration to his target.

The attack can take several forms: an overload of the server’s bandwidth to make it unavailable or an exhaustion of the machine’s system resources, preventing it from responding to legitimate traffic.

Based on this assumption, we understand that prevention is the best defense against this evil, L2JCenter offers as a courtesy in all its plans, without exception, protection against large-scale network DDoS attacks.

When a DDoS attack occurs, a series of simultaneous requests is sent from various points on the web. The intensity of this “crossfire” makes the service unstable, and at worst, unavailable.

L2JCenter has an anti-DDoS to combat these distributed denial of service attacks. In all our services, we offer a migration solution based on a unique technology that combines three techniques to:

  • Analyze all packages quickly and in real time;
  • Divert incoming traffic from your server;
  • Separate the non-legitimate elements from the rest, to allow legitimate traffic to pass.

The steps of a DDoS attack

1. The server is operational. Send and receive packages normally. 2. The DDoS attack manifests itself in several ways, namely: by an overload of bandwidth or by the depletion of system resources. 3. The network is overloaded and the server is no longer able to handle legitimate packets between the series of information.

Services included with DDoS Protection

Shared Hosting

VPS Server

Dedicated Server

Epic Server

Epic Host


With the rising curve of attacks on Lineage 2 servers, many criminals use various techniques to deny the service of a website or online game server. The lack of user experience, coupled with disproportionate power in the hands of hackers, often bring major headaches.

Anti-DDoS solutions offered on the market are effective against the vast majority of attacks on the internet, but for Lineage 2 servers there are certain types of attacks directed at the emulator that can simulate real accesses, preventing a conventional Anti-DDoS solution from working correctly .

Seeking to reinforce the protection of our customers and guarantee uninterrupted quality, we developed an exclusive solution that aligns the DDoS protection offered free of charge with a powerful physical firewall, which understands all requests sent by hackers in a “valid” way and ends up congesting all the resources of the machine through the emulator itself either Java or OFF.

EPIC protection in practice

A type of attack that can devastate a server are floods at login and game server, the criminal uses several techniques to deny the user’s service. Network attacks are easily blocked by Anti-DDoS, but the simulation of real users through infected computers makes it impossible to detect these attacks by conventional Anti-DDoS.

The requests sent are exactly the same as for real players. While a server has 1000 legitimate connections, the hacker can simulate thousands of requests per second with zombie computers, causing the emulator to burst memory, consume CPU, overload the disk, among other damages that can only be stopped with the use of a physical firewall.

In a simple way, EPIC solutions create protection “around” your server and instantly handle all requests and identify which are legitimate players and which are attackers, avoiding overloads and lags on the server.

Services included with Epic Firewall

Epic Server

Epic Host

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