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When choosing a dedicated server, you are guaranteed that
all resources are allocated to you for maximum performance.

DC 01

$ 124,97
R$ 99
  • i3 2120 3.4 GHz 2C/4T
  • 8 GB RAM DDR3
  • 2 TB HD SATA 3
  • 100 Mbps NETWORK
  • 1 IP MAX
20% OFF


$ 174,97
R$ 139
  • i5 2300 GHz 4C/4T
  • 16 GB RAM DDR3
  • 2 TB HD SATA 3
  • 100 Mbps NETWORK
  • 1 IP MAX
20% OFF

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Ideal servers for

Game Server

Great option for online game servers that demand high levels of resources


Ideal for creating hosting services or websites with many accesses


Create backup servers, ftp or any other filesyste system that you want


Every successful server starts with a reliable and solid structure

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Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Questions

The dedicated server is a physical machine totally dedicated to your application, where all configurations can be adjusted to the specific demand of the client.

The delivery period is valid from the moment your payment is validated by L2JCenter, and we take the opportunity to inform you that this period is not contractual but only informative. The average delivery time for a dedicated item is 4 to 24 hours, as physical hardware, the quality of delivery is very important, therefore, before the service is released, we carry out hardware, systems and network tests for you to receive your service completely secure and stable.

Anti-DDOS protection is not seen by L2JCenter as an option, for 2 reasons:
An attack on your server will have an impact on your activity, which may result in losses in sales volume or a major disruption of activity
The interruption and overload of your accesses can have side effects and affect other customers
Thus, to avoid making anti-DDoS protection a luxury option, L2JCenter reverts and divides the investment costs by all its customers and integrates this innovation in its Dedicated service offerings.

Yes, there is no reason to reduce or limit the transfer of our customers, considering that the entire customer network is exclusive to its use and independent. Use 1kbps or the full network that will not add to your bill or limit your plan.