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online game sites and servers

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Protection comprehensive
against DDoS attacks

Developed for all types of online games
L2JCenter’s DDoS protection solution protects websites, applications and entire networks, ensuring that legitimate traffic performance is not compromised. Our datacenter’s 20 Tbps Network blocks an average of 100 million threats per day, including some of the largest DDoS attacks in history on Lineage 2 servers.
Protect now:

Smart Protection

Any attack directed at our customers is replicated automatically to the defense of everyone else.



Start of the DDoS attack

The attack is launched from one or several websites and reaches our backbone. Thanks to our excess bandwidth capacity, no connection is saturated. The attack hits the server, which starts to treat it. At the same time, traffic analysis detects that a DDoS is in progress and activates mitigation.



Attack Mitigation

Due to Epic Firewall mitigation intervenes in just a few seconds.
Incoming server traffic is vacuumed by our defense solution. The attack is blocked without any size or duration limit, regardless of its nature. Legitimate traffic is not blocked and arrives at the server.



End of DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack is expensive, especially if launched in vain. So, after some time, it ends up being interrupted. Our anti-DDoS solution does not disable itself, it remains alert for any other attack. And all the techniques employed are replicated for all our customers to share in this benefit.

Secure your service now

Our service guarantees you

+ 0 TB
network for Anti-DDoS protection
+ 50 M
of blocked attacker IPs
+ 450
protected servers

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