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Packages for students, web professionals and companies


$ 6,20
$ 5
  • 1 Site
  • 10 GB Storage
  • FTP Unlimited
  • E-mails Unlimited
  • Database Unlimited
10% OFF


$ 8,70
$ 7
  • 5 Sites
  • 20 GB Storage
  • FTP Unlimited
  • E-mails Unlimited
  • Database Unlimited
10% OFF


$ 12,40
$ 11
  • ∞ Sites Ilimitados
  • 30 GB Storage
  • FTP Unlimited
  • E-mails Ilimitados
  • Database Ilimitados
10% OFF


All plans have free SSL and easy installation


We do not account for the use of your data, traffic is free


Create and manage as many databases as you want in MySQL

FTP e E-mail

FTP users and unlimited e-mail accounts


Get the 1st year of free domain and 40% discount when hiring any annual hosting plan!

Technical Details

From professional businesses to companies, we serve you!

  • cPanel
  • App Install
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Nginx Web Server
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MultiPHP 5.6, 7.0 à 7.4
  • Extension Controller PHP
  • Git
  • Zone Editor DNS
  • Mail Exchange (MX) Editor
  • CloudFlare
  • ionCube PHP Loader
  • Fast migration
  • Support for several projects
  • Proactive service
  • Monitoring 24/7/365


A wonderful control panel that facilitates the complex management of a hosting environment in one place.


Easily upload and edit files via the panel via your browser.


MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL Remote database administration.


Managing email accounts for your domain.


Manage and administer unlimited sites and domains.

453+ Apps

Get access to several app platforms with 1-click installation!

node js

New Site?

Build your website in 5 steps!

  • Log in to the Website Builder
  • Select a template and edit
  • Publish to your hosting account
  • Access your domain and test.
  • Send it to your customers and friends! 😉


We migrate you quickly!


We use in our hosting the most current and best technologies for hosting and we guarantee an excellent uptime and performance


A high-performance Web Server capable of processing more than 1 million hits per minute.


Protection against HTTP and HTTPS flood attacks, ensuring the transport of information quickly and safely.


PHP-FPM is considerably faster than other methods of processing php scripts.


Every successful server starts with a reliable and solid structure

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Need help?

Our specialists are ready to assist you in any doubt or need to bring the best performance and security to your server.


Frequently Asked Questions about Shared Hosting

The differences between a linux cloud hosting service and a common hosting plan is how the service is offered to the customer and the quality of the service.

In a common hosting plan, all customers are allocated on a single server, sharing all resources among themselves.

As a result, if a user account uses too many server resources, this can impact the performance of other accounts, thereby causing slow access.

In a Cloud Linux hosting plan, each customer has their own separate and exclusive hardware resources.

If a customer hires a plan with 2 GHz CPU and 2 GB of RAM he will be able to use his resources to the maximum without conflicting with the others.

So wait! Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to hire a common hosting than another with pre-defined resources?

No, because the lack of balance can generally lead to server slowness or failure in major events or access spikes, usually caused by overselling (selling too many plans than the server can handle) or poor server quality.

In all annual or offer plans you can register a free domain of any extension (TDL eg .com, .com.br, .net, .org and others) for a period of one year!

The SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer commonly known as the green lock (https) is a technology created to bring more security in the exchange of information between a visitor and the server that hosts the website.

The purpose of an SSL certificate is actually to prevent malicious people from capturing users’ confidential information, such as customer access data on shopping sites or even credit card numbers and passwords.

All hosting plans have a free SSL certificate and can be installed through the control panel in one click.

Yes, all Cloud Linux hosting plans have no limits for using different domains or non-primary domains.

Each domain entered will be included in the same hosting plan and accessible all in a single panel, making its administration very practical. Example:

-> Accommodation
—-> Domain A
—-> Domain B
—-> Domain C
—-> D-Z domain

So you can have multiple sites in your plan managed by the contracted storage, RAM and CPU resources.

Every server on the Internet is a potential target for a devastating DDoS attack. These attacks use a variety of tactics and large volumes of traffic to bring down a website, generally aiming to obtain a ransom to stop the attack.

The exclusive protection system L2JCenter – EPIC Firewall offers protection on the front line against the most damaging attacks on websites and online game servers. Our servers will be instantly involved by the EPIC system during an attack, eliminating all harmful traffic and routing only legitimate traffic to your server. This ensures that your services remain online at all times during an attack.