Security for your website

What is SSL?

An SSL Certificate guarantees protection between the exchange of information between users who browse your website and the servers that receive your data. Without it, users' browsers will display certificate errors and Google will not be able to index your site. Take advantage of our hosting plans for websites and guarantee your SSL Free!



Carrying out a financial transaction on a website without an SSL certificate is something that few are willing to do. Therefore, starting your site with https is something that brings confidence to the site.


Using an SSL certificate reflects the amount of hits on your site, as users tend to return to sites that prove to be secure.


Google Chrome and other modern browsers mark sites without SSL (https) as unsafe and before displaying alert messages, avoid!


Safety first - SSL allows you to encrypt all data between the user and the server. this encryption ensures that all packages are highly secure.

Google Ranking

Google has announced that SSL security is a major factor in SEO ranking. Do your part and improve your positioning by implementing SSL / TLS to your website.


With SSL data transfer is done encrypted between visitor and server, avoid intercepting the data of who is most important to you, your visitors!