The traditional server of the Latin community is back and with many new features!

With a bold investment in technology, the L2 Latin brings an innovative mechanics based on the graphics of the High Five version, modernizing the gameplay of the Lineage 2 Interlude to the maximum.

Learn more about Latin through the link: https://l2latin.com

About project

Interlude with new reworked H5 Remastered game client
Mid rates Farm
Experience: x100
RateParty : 1.5x
Adena: x40
Epic: x1
Raid: x3
Quest: x1
Seal Stones: x25
Custom TVT event


All status Retail, official interlude gameplay
Jobs lvl 20 give 3kk, lvl 40 give 4kk and 76 lvl give 20kk Adena
Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion restore 1500mp with delay 5secs
Auto learning Skills (fishing and Divine Inspiration skill need be learn manualy)
Auto loot System (expect raid’s drops)
loot time 60s
Offline Shop: Need a special item selling in GM Shop
Chaotic Zone on Epics area and Custom raids
Infinity Scape to Town of Giran.
VIP Teleports and Buff inside comm board alt+b
Weight limit is increased 20x
GK on cities with all locations
Buffs, Dances, Songs – 2h
20 + 4 Max Buffs Slots
Clan: Max 27 Members no alliances, academy or Royal. Skills and lvl are FREE on retail NPCs
Anti-Bot Smartguard 3.1
Always open Seven Signs catacombs and Necropolis, no seal period

Server Commands

.time – shows the current server time
.expon – turn exp gaining on
.expoff – turn exp gaining off
.delevel – delevel your character by 1 lv
.offannounce msg – sets your offline shop automatic message on TRADE chat (delay every msg by system: 5 min)


[C Grade][B Grade] by Adenas.
[A Grade] [S Grade] by Farm.
[Blesseds Enchants] Drop Zones.
[Augment Stones] by Farm / Drop Zones.


New Olympiad system + H5 arenas
Battles : Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 18 to 23h
Battle Modes : 1×1 and 3×3


Safe +4
Max Weapon: +16
Max Armor/Jewels: +10
Augument: NG SKILL: 20% | MID SKILL: 15% | HIGH SKILL: 10% | TOP SKILL: 10%
Blessed Enchant rates: 30% reducing each enchantment from +6
Normal Enchant rates: 40% reducing each enchantment from +6


Custom Sub Class Quest: You will need take 4 Scepters from raids Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon and Golkonda, after they die a box will appear near you, just click on it. You dont need to kill or hit the boss, just click on the box and you will get the Scepter. Exchange them on server NPC

Nobless by 2 ways: Retail Nobless Quest x3 Rates + Drop Item quest

Raid and Epic Bosses info

All Epic jewelry drop are 100%, except Queen Ant 50%
All Epic Bosses and Raids dungeons are Chaotic, except Barakiel

Valakas(85): 96 Hours
Antharas(80): 72 Hours
Baium(80): 48 Hours
Frintezza(80): 48 Hours
Zaken(80): 48 Hours
Queen Ant(80): 1 day
Orfen(80): 12 Hours
Core(80): 12 Hours
Barakiel(80): 6 Hours
Custom Drop Barakiel(80): 4 Hours
Custom Raid Bosses: 2-3Hours
Special Epic Echmus: 4-6Hours

Subclass Raids

Cabrio: 3 Hours
Golkonda: 3 Hours
Hallate: 3 Hours
Kernon: 3 Hours


Neste final de semana Lineage 2 Maximo Interlude inaguruou com 100% de aprovação dos seus players e estrutura! Conheça um pouco sobre o L2 Máximo:

Site: https://l2maximo.com


Server time: GMT -3
Server platform: Interlude
Armor: Grade-S
Weapon Grade-S
Jewels Boss
Tattoo and Accessories
Sub-Class free
Noblesse Party (Last Hit) Barakiel
Noblesse Party (Quest) Barakiel
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Farm system: custom drop areas.
Events Automatics (TVT/CTF/Tournament)
Clan Skills Selling – Double click in scroll for learn skills
Comands: .menu/.info/.donate/.raidinfo/.skins


Experience (EXP) X200
Skill Points (SP) X200
Adena X200
Party: x2
Drop: x1
PvP Server Interlude


Safe +4
Max Enchant: +16
Scroll: +4/100%
Blessed: +4 to +12/70%
Golden +12 to +16/40%


Buff Slot 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
All buffs in NPC
Buff time 3 hours


All boss Chaotic Zone
Self Buffs in Chaotic Zone
NO-BS in Area-PvP
Party Zone Special Drops (Giant’s Cave)
You can only go to the farm with 1 customer per (PC)
Maximum number of 2 client windows running (PC)
Grand/Raid Boss Zone Limite: (27) 3 Partys por Clan, (36) 4 Partys por Ally
Maximum 2-BS in Party


Grade-S + 6
Scheduel 16:00 ~ 22:00 GMT-3
New periods on each 14 days.


All Injection Protections
DDoS protection
Ant Bot protection

L2 Exodus

Breaking the comfort zone, Lineage 2 Exodus is a newer option of Lineage 2, in the High Five version and moderate rates at 50x the Exodus is a great server option with a high probability of long life and cost benefit to invest your time.

Learn More: l2exodus.com


Server, Site and Forum Hours – GMT -3
Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs – 2 hours
Maximum Buff Slots: 24 + 4
Maximum Dances and Songs Slots – 12
Minimum Chance of Debuffs: 10%
Maximum Chance of Debuffs: 90%
Olympiads Max. Enchant; +6
Anti-Bot (Guard) System
Geodata and Pathnodes: Yes
Quest Sub-Class: No
Maximum Level Sub-Class: 85
Master Class: Yes
Offline Shop mode: Yes
Auto Learn Skills: Yes
Auto Learn Loot: Yes
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot: No
Vitality System: Yes
Champions System: Yes
Wedding System: Yes


Lineage 2 Brazil Private Server

Lineage 2 Brazil usa Epic Server e garantiu a qualidade do seu game play!

Conheça o servidor através do site: l2brazil.com.br


L2Brazil Private Server Interlude.

Horário do Servidor, Site e Fórum – GMT -3
Duração dos Buffs, Dances e Songs – 1 horas
Máximo Slots de Buffs – 24
Máximo Slots de Dances e Songs – 12
Chance Mínima de Debuffs – 10%
Chance Máxima de Debuffs – 90%
Olympiads Max. Enchant – 6
Sistema Anti-Bot (Gameguard)
Geodata e Pathnodes = Retail – L2OFF
Sub-Classe Quest – Não
Sub-Classe Level Máximo – 81
Classe Master – Sim
Off-line Shop mode – Sim
Auto Learn Skills – Sim
Auto Learn Loot – Sim
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot – Não
Vitality System – Sim
Champions System – Sim
Wedding System – Sim


Experiência (EXP) – 100x
Skill Points (SP) – 100x
Adena – 100x
Drop Itens – 1x
Quest Experiencia (EXP) – 10x
Quest Skill Points (SP) – 10x
Quest Adena – 10x
Quest Drop Itens – 30x
Spoil – 1x
Weight Limit – 7x
Manor – 5x
Extract Fish – 3x


Safe Enchant – 3
Max. Enchant – 16
Normal Scroll chance – 65%
Blessed Scroll chance 70%
Ancient Scroll chance 75%
Elemental Stone chance – 60%
Elemental Crystal chance – 40%


Sistema de Farm: Todos as áreas de caça do jogo dropam exclusivamente Adena, equipamentos e Ancient Adena, variando apenas conforme o seu nível.

NPCs – Os NPCs de armas, armaduras e acessórios são exclusivamente customizados para proporcionar uma experência única em um ambiente divertido e competitivo.

Raid & Grand Boss: Todos os Raid e Grand Bosses do jogo possuem drops e status Retail.

Todas as configurações e características que não foram informadas aqui estão Retail, ou seja, iguais ao Lineage II oficial, ou foram consideradas irrelevantes.


Site: https://l2store.org


Experience: 200x.
Skill Points: 100x.
Quest Rate: 30x.
Drop (Adena): 200x.
Spoil Drop: 1x
Steal Stones: 9x.


LovelyAden é Epic Servers!. Servidor de Lineage 2 Interlude

  • All races start at Elven VillageAll races will be together on this journey.
  • Cancel Advanced, buffs return after 15 secondsYour buffs will return, the more you will be without them for a while
  • Mana Potion restores 2000 MP with 10 seconds of delayMana is an essential potion, use it wisely so you don’t run out.
  • Auto learning Skills ( Except Divine Inspiration )You will learn your skills automatically. Do not worry.
  • Skill Restore Life was disabled from the serverThe restore life skill is disabled for use on monsters or bosses
  • Infinity SoulShot’s and ArrowsDon’t carry so much weight, the soulshots and arrows are endless.
  • Offline ShopYou can leave and continue trading your items
  • 20 Slots +4 Divine inspirationSlots are precious, use them wisely or you will be vulnerable
  • 2 hours buffer timeYou have a good buff time. Stay tuned.
  • Summonner Buffs RetailSummon buffs give a considerable boost to you and your party.
  • All Buffs free in npcThe buffs available at the NPC are free. Enjoy.s
  • Daily Times: 16:00 – 22:00 (GMT-3)Fight in melee battles. Stay tuned for schedules.
  • Only Open Class struggles will be availableBase class fights are disabled.
  • Max Enchant in Olympiads:+6You will have your status reduced to enchant +6 when you are in the arena.
  • Olympiad Cycle 7 DaysOlympiads and heroes are reset every 7 days.
  • Drops of Epic Jewels are 100%The epic bosses Valakas, Baium, Antharas, Zaken and Frintessa have 100% drop
  • Drops of Core, Orfen and Queen Ant are 50%The epic bosses Core, Orfen and Queen Ant have 50% drop jewels
  • Frintessa Open PVPFrintessa will receive all the clans inside. Fight with them and at the same time with the frintessa
  • Tyrannosaurus QuestA quest is available for you to farm lifestones and gemstones. How-to Guide
  • Divine Books QuestThe quest for divine books will release your buff slots, this will give you a high advantage against enemies. How-to Guide
  • SubClass QuestIn the Subclass Quest you will face four raid bosses How-to Guide
  • Nobless QuestIn the Noblesse Quest you will face a Raid boss How-to Guide
  • Detailed information in our ForumWant to know more about the server? register on our forum.
  • Register your accountRegister your account now and be prepared for the journey.
  • Download Files for connectDownload the files and be ready for battle.
  • Support contactNeed help with something? Contact Anne