High performance servers with physical firewall ideal for online games


Configure and change your server resources at all times


30% OFF
$ 124,90

$ 87,40/Mo

Available resources

4 Ghz to 8 Ghz CPU
8 GB  to 32GB DDR4

120 GB to 200 GB SSD NVMe


Physical Firewall

Automatic TCP protection service for games.

10 Gbps network

Private network 100x larger than the one offered in the market.


Faster storage than conventional SSDs.

Windows and Linux

Proactive Protection independent of system and architecture.

Why use EPIC?

Hackers are using home computers to carry out attacks!
Find out how EPIC helps you easily


Attack Identification

When your server becomes the target of an attack, the EPIC firewall immediately identifies abnormal traffic and initiates protection.


Immediate Mitigation

Mitigation is performed instantly, blocking and separating all IPs and malicious requests from the network.


Zero Lag!

While the mitigation is carried out, your server remains online and without delays or dropped connections. Your game goes online 100% of the time!



Windows Server 2008 R2 32 e 64 bits
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016 64 bits*

 Windows Server 2016 license not inclused.


Ubuntu 14.04 32 e 64 bits
Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits

Centos 6 32 e 64 bits
Centos 7 64 bits
Centos 8 64 bits

Debian 9 64 bits
Debian 10 64 bits

Need help?

Our specialists are ready to assist you in any doubt or need to bring the best performance and security to your server.


Every successful server starts with a reliable and solid structure


FAQ about Epic Server

EPIC servers are VPS services with high availability of resources for Lineage 2 that require high processing performance, ensuring support for the large capacity of players and services of your emulator.

The combination with the EPIC Firewall makes your server a great strength to resist large amounts of attacks and floods.

The DDoS protection offered by default in any hosting is in relation to attacks in layer 3 (NETWORK), in English, “Layer 3”, this protection by default is present in any L2JCenter service, it protects the user from massive attacks on the network, with standard protection of 800 gbps.

With EPIC and the L2JCenter Audit Service in addition to protection at Layer 3, a technical intervention is carried out by our team that prepares your GAME and LOGIN SERVER so that it is no longer flooded (application attack) without the need for any file compilation.

EPIC as a physical hardware service, benefits the user with yet another network against attacks, releasing the main VPS traffic only to players, and ensures that even under attacks, EPIC will process and receive the entire load.